Why Do You Need To Know Your True Calling To Transform Your Life

Posted by Jane H.T. Higher calling c

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It is simply human nature, that whatever we do, whichever route we take in our life and whatever decisions we make, we always do it with one goal in mind – to find our happiness.

Happiness and productivity go hand in hand. If you are not feeling uplifted, motivated and enthusiastic, your productivity plummets. If you want to make your business a success, you must love and enjoy every moment you spend working on your business.

What is then that strong inner magnet and why do we need it? You can see the quest for happiness as you ‘inner magnet’, simply telling you what is right for you are where to head to make your life as extraordinary as it can be. When following your true passion, or your higher calling, this is when the doors of success truly open for you.

The Knights Templars, one of the most powerful, influencial and wealthy of all knightly Orders in the Medieval Ages, had a simple formula of their success and it was this: “Find out what God wants you to do, and go and do it.”

The feeling of happiness is just like a compass needle, which shows you when you are on the right path. I am not talking here about a fleeting feeling of joy, but of a deep, true happiness, which fills your whole essence with energy and inspiration to achieve more. When you are following the vector of your spiritual destiny, your whole life transforms and you wake up every day feeling strong, energised and fulfilled. As by magic, you suddenly acquire the power you never even knew you had – you can work for hours without getting tired, your mind is constantly filled with new exciting projects and no misfortunes can ever defeat you. I believe we all experienced this state of mind at least once in our lives.


To keep going in that direction is usually not very easy though, as requires perseverance, courage and a good portion of self-belief. By the nature of things, other people will always try to persuade us that ‘they know better’ and therefore we should abandon our path and follow their advices. They often describe beguiling perspectives of their proposed options, which can be tempting and especially difficult to reject when delivered by our parents or someone else we trust and hold in high respect.

If we falter and fall into temptation of the easy choices made for us by someone else, we put ourselves under a lot of strain and into unhappiness. Our subconscious ‘inner compass’ will keep telling us that we are going something wrong, but for a usual person it is not always easy to understand what exactly that ‘wrong’ might be. He may be saying to himself: “I do what other people do… I live the life that other people regard proper. Why does it feel wrong? Maybe I am faulty in some way…?” That thought may be very disturbing for a person lacking self-confidence. In that case, instead of following his heart and changing his life, he may try harder to brainwash himself that he has to conform with the norms of our society: ‘go to school, find a job in a company, get married, have kids, write a will, die.” These rules are not, however, suitable for everyone.  Some individuals force themselves to fit into the pattern, despite inside they literally suffer.


Many people, especially parents, usually don’t even try to understand one simple truth: not everyone is happy to be a lawyer. Not everyone needs to get married. Not all of us find fulfillment working in the office of a big company. To make a step towards transforming our society for better, we should learn to respect the decisions and choices of others. No matter how rich and varied your own life experience might be, you must understand that from your position you will never be able to see what is best for others. Stop yourself from judging and criticizing their choices and you will free your heart from bitterness and disappointments.

The next important step is to start trusting your inner voice and do not let the opinions of others influence your decisions. Don’t be put off when others disapprove of your choice of job, lifestyle or a place to live. It is not about being selfish and arrogant, it’s about respecting yourself and setting healthy boundaries. Remember, that from the Universe’s perspective, it’s not what you do, it’s what you feel  that matters. Therefore, if you are doing something under a pressure from others, because they tell you it’s the right thing to do, but your whole essence is filled with pain – don’t do it. Stand up for yourself and protect your happiness. Find the courage to travel the paths unexplored, to do what no one else has done before and to decide for yourself what is the best for you. Your inner voice will faithfully guide you to where you should be – if only you let it do its job.

Despite the conditioning we all receive as members of this society, life doesn’t have to be hard. We are not born to suffer. We can be in charge of our destiny. Grow the courage to accept that your inner voice has real wisdom. If you are following the directions of others, but feel like you’re dying inside – it’s time you create your own rules. Never, ever compromise your life in a short-sighted attempt to be a people pleaser. Remember that to find true friends you have to be your true self. People, who are shallow enough to be attracted to you only because you do things for them, are not worth sacrificing for them your life.

Your peace of mind is closely associated with the feeling of happiness. In simple terms, that state occurs when your subconsciousness is telling you that “you are doing it right”. When you know on a deeper level, that you have found your Path and you are following it, your mind becomes filled with calm and confidence. You subconsciously understand that you are in control and that whatever stands in your way you will be able to deal with it. You stop wasting your energy worrying about your future or grieving over your past, because in this moment you are in the right place and in the right time and it all that matters. When following the vector of your personal evolution, you always get an energy boost and a unique feeling of being ‘save and supported’. Even though you can’t logically explain why that happens, you can always trust these feelings to show you the way.

Don’t expect others to make your happy. Your destiny and your life are your own responsibility. Listen to your inner voice and start looking for your own golden feather of happiness, whatever it may be.



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