Why Do You Need A Strong Mind

Posted by Jane H.T. Why Do You Need A Strong Mind

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We may remember or admire people with beautiful looks, strong bodies, big fortunes, but it’s the people with strong MINDS that make history.

It is people with exceptional minds that have really left their mark; whose names became synonymous with greatness. For generations to come we will all remember such personalities as Einstein, Tesla, Cesar or Napoleon – people whose vision, genius and motivation to succeed have not just changed their own lives – they have changed the world! Those who didn’t yield to hardships or obstacles, you could work and achieve their goal despite any fear, tiredness or life adversities.

Why do you need a strong mind? The answer is obvious. It helps you perform better. Remember better. Feel better. It is, in fact, your ‘ultimate weapon’ against any weaknesses, insecurities, stresses or cravings. Within your own mind lies the powerful potential for iron willpower, laser-like focus, as well as unceasing courage and motivation.

Without a strong mind, you are never free. You may imagine that you are free and independent, but you are not. If you can’t control your thoughts, you will always be a slave to your emotions, to other people’s opinions and your own reactions to what is happening in your life. Leaders act. They take the initiative and make the first step. If you are forced to react to what is happening around you, it means that someone else is in charge, and not you.

train your mind
If you don’t train your mind, you will always be trapped in that reactive mode, where your thoughts, your cravings and your emotions are taking the lead. Your mind is the tool that ultimately decides on your victory or defeat. It decides not only on your performance, but also on your health and longevity, as many scientific researches confirm. That’s why the true goal of self-development is to conquer your own mind, to make it serve you, and do things for you that you need to achieve greatness.

Exercise is what makes people strong. It’s true for your body, but it’s equally true for your mind. If you constantly exercise your mind, your willpower and the ability to concentrate, as well as control your thoughts will grow.

connecting the dots

If you are wondering what the best workout for your mind could be, the answer is simple – meditation. The effectiveness of meditation have been proven for centuries to increase you mental strength. Many top political and cultural leaders, as well as CEOs (such as Legal Sea Foods CEO Roger Berkowitz, Salesforce.com’s Marc Benioff, Founder and CEO of Bridgewater Associates Ray Dalio, Ford Motor Company chairman Bill Ford and former Google.org director Larry Brilliant) have already discovered this. Nancy Slomowitz, Executive Management Associates CEO, has reduced her company’s health care insurance costs by offering meditation classes to her employees.

If you don’t want to stay behind, start your own meditation routine today.

By the way, you don’t have to try and figure everything on your own. If you would like to have more fun while learning and be surrounded by like-minded people, see what is happening near you right now.

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