This Tiny Morning Habit Will Transform Your Day

Posted by Jane H.T. Kill porocrastination in 3 easy steps

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You can fairly accurately predict how productive, motivating and fulfilling your day is going to be by the way you begin it.

To secure your position amongst high-performers and high-achievers, you need to stay motivated, enthusiastic, cheerful and energised – in other words, radiate a strong aura of positivity and confidence. Not only will it increase your day-to-day efficiency, but that ‘inner fire’ will also add a powerful boost to your communication and influence. Other people can sense the positive vibe you exude and they will be naturally inclined to listen to you are respect your opinion.

You can’t serve others, successfully develop your business or contribute to other people’s lives if you start you day feeling sluggish, negative and fed up.

Morning is that important time when you can program your mind to keep that ‘inner fire’ going, so it stays with you throughout the day. Incorporating this one simple habit in your daily routine will become ‘fuel’ to maintain that fire and it will make all the difference in the way you feel and approach your daily tasks.

The Micarle of Morning Motivation

Before you open your eyes in the morning, say to yourself with complete conviction that today is going to be a fantastic day. You may need to repeat it a couple of times until it feels natural and not forced. Smile to your reflection in the mirror as you’re getting ready and find at least one thing to mentally complement yourself on.

On your way to work, write down as many things as you can that you are feeling really grateful for today. Important – only include what you genuinely resonate with. If something makes you think, “Yeah, I ought to be grateful for this too, I guess…” then don’t bother with it. Jot down everything that gives you a strong warm feeling and fires you into action.

If you drive to work, you can record your list on your phone or a voice recorder instead. This will guarantee you to start your day on a positive and powerful note.

Keep that list close so you can easily reach for it later if you need. During the day, whenever you feel that your energy level starts dropping down or your enthusiasm wearing out, take a few minutes break. Get yourself some tea or coffee and spend those few minutes alone, going again through your list, point by point. Focus on what those things really mean to you.

You will soon feel how your energy and your passion are being renewed, so you can continue to work at the same path as before – even in situations where in the past you might have had to slow down.

This sounds incredibly simple, but feeling sincerely grateful puts your mind in a different gear; it allows you to function and respond to challenging situations better. Many people who decided to start using the technique regularly, found it life-changing. Incorporating it in your daily routine is one of the cornerstones of the successful mind. It will help you achieve more in the same space of time, because you will always perform at your full capacity.

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