Kill Procrastination! 3 Little Known Techniques To Help You Win

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Do you know this enemy’s name? Does it constantly interfere with your plans, rob you of amazing opportunities and make you look weak and indecisive in the eyes of others?

If people (or even yourself!) tend to label you with the ugly word ‘procrastinator’, don’t get disheartened – at least you know what you are dealing with. Realisation is the first step. Next step for you should be to literally ‘kill procrastination’ – in other words, banish it from your life for good!

To fight procrastination effectively, you need to know where it is coming from. Forcing yourself to merely suppress the symptom, without addressing the sources, will only make you feel frustrated and tired in the long run. But if you cut off the three roots of procrastination, it will never bother you again.

What I do today is important

Sounds too simple? All big truths are simple. Let’s now start mapping these roots, so you can weed them out yourself.

Most importantly – don’t beat yourself up for not acting quickly enough. There is always a reason that you can find out if you listen to your mind and your body carefully enough. The steps below will help you understand yourself better and act with greater efficiency.

Firstly – the so-called procrastination syndrome may mean that some part of you disagrees with the decision you are trying to make. In other words, your subconscious mind (your true self) and your conscious mind (your social persona) may be at odds with regards to what you should be going (this may concern jobs, money, goals or partners – anything that appears in your life.)

It can often happen, that your True Self can sense that the goal you say you want to achieve is not your real goal, but a part of the social conditioning. In this case your subconscious mind will ‘rebel’ and try to stop you from going in the direction it believes is wrong for you.

If you want to connect with your true, inner desires in an effective and reliable way, practicing meditation is the surest way to success. Having understanding and control over your own mind will resolve any subliminal conflicts and prevent them from appearing ever again.

Secondly – you may simply not have enough energy to accomplish the task at this given moment. Your mind is a really strict energy manager. If it sees your body overtired, stressed, dehydrated, deprived of exercise, proper sleep and proper nutrition, it usually goes into the ‘survival mode’ and only performs actions that are absolutely necessary. Everything else it just blocks.

Think of children – how they are never bored from running around, playing and discovering new things. Remember, that this is our natural state. If you are not excited about doing something new, if you don’t see your life as an exciting adventure anymore and even the most attractive goals fade into grey – have a think about your daily routine. There are many ways to save and build up your energy. Start respecting your body needs and you will soon see that the desire for action starts stirring up in you again!

Kill porocrastination in 3 easy steps

Take a few simple steps towards improving your physical form – make sure that you get enough sleep (8 hours would be ideal), that you stay hydrated (you need at least 2 litres of water a day as an absolute minimum. Dehydration means that you get tired quicker and lose the ability to concentrate.) For better effectiveness, make a sort break every hour to ‘reset your mind’ – grab a cup of tea, have a short walk outside or do a couple of stretching exercises, if you environment allows you to do so.

Lastly – if you know that your both minds are in agreement and you have enough energy – but you still procrastinate, it usually means that your mind sees the task as overwhelming. It simply doesn’t know where to start. In this case, help it by breaking a big task into a series of small, easy and clear steps that will take you to your goal. Completing these bite-size goals will not only move you forward, but at the same time give you a feeling of fulfilment and confidence, which is important to keep you motivated. Focus on the work that has been done, instead of trying to gauge how much is ahead of you. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step!


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