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Reprogram Your Subconscious For Success

To achieve your goal – any goal – it is important that all parts of your mind work together to make it happen. Let’s find out what happens when it’s not the case and how you can make things better.

If what you are trying to achieve goes against your subconscious yearning, it will have a deciding impact on how things in your life are going to unfold. (Read More)
Mindfulness for learning

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

We all know how important it is in business to constantly grow, master your abilities and learn new skills.
As the world is changing and the market is expanding, we need to be able to catch up and be in tune with these changes, to realise new opportunities and stay on top. The more we know, the more value we can offer to the world, and the more we get paid it return for it.
The majority of people admit that being a good learner is a great asset, however, many people feel challenged or even intimidated by the process of learning itself. (Read More)
Higher calling c

It is simply human nature, that whatever we do, whichever route we take in our life and whatever decisions we make, we always do it with one goal in mind – to find our happiness.

Happiness and productivity go hand in hand. If you are not feeling uplifted, motivated and enthusiastic, your productivity plummets. If you want to make your business a success, you must love and enjoy every moment you spend working on your business. (Read More)

The dangers of being positive We hear all around that ‘we must be positive’ whatever life throws at us and no matter how unhappy our circumstances may temporarily be. I met people who were duly following that rule to the point of fatally damaging their lives. Let’s now look closer at the concept, to understand why we should avoid being brainwashed into it. (Read More)
Get wired for success

People often underestimate the power of this simple truth: "You become what you surround yourself with".

In practice, this means that the place you live in, the words you use, the people who you work and socialise with over time shape your personality and thus your life in subliminal ways, which we often don't realise - this is what psychologists called the Information-Identity Loop. (Read More)
Rules of success you wish you had learnt

You probably know this simple truth - you may have great ideas, but until you write them down, they are not your action plan, they are your wishlist. It really helps to have the most important throughts and principles to be written down, or printed, so you can have a look at them whenever you need some inspiration.

With this in mind, below are 14 golden rules of success, following which you will put yourself on the path of achieving your dreams. (Read More)

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