Why Western Meditation


“Ask any successful person for their secret and they always say
one thing-MINDSET.”


Let’s be clear here. True success and mind mastery go hand in hand. We have all been brought up on the stories of men and women of greatness – the legendary leaders and visionaries who changed the world by example and seemed to possess the powers by far exceeding those of their fellow men.

The majority of us were conditioned to think that such stories are simply folklore or mythic tales – ‘you should just accept them and not ask any questions’. But those, who did ask questions, discovered the truth that went beyond their wildest expectations.

They’ve realised that we all have incredible powers locked within our own mind – powers that if we only know how to access could change our lives beyond imagination. More and more scientific evidence is coming through to confirm this centuries-old fact: our mind is a great asset and can be turned into a weapon of influence.. A strong mind is a must-have for the true leader who wants to make an impact.

This is why more and more people amongst the intellectual and creative elite (international companies CEOs, politicians, word-famous artists and motivational speakers) are becoming seriously interested in meditation to empower themselves.

Whether you are running your own business, managing a team of people or want to be successful in your career, you need to know more about yourself and the world to be ahead of the game. To put it simply – knowledge is power.

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Why Western Meditation? 2014-08-28 20.13.22m

Few people are aware that meditation has been a part of Western tradition from the times immemorial.

Your mind is your most powerful tool – and meditation is a way to hone it to perfection.

You may be surprised to discover that the old stories about heroes and sages are not mere legends. People who had been trained in the ancient systems could achieve extraordinary mastery over their minds and bodies, which allowed them to accomplish even the seemingly impossible. Meditation was a part of a traditional warrior training.

The strategies and the mindset you need to succeed today resembleclosely those you would need to win any other battle. Laser-like focus, supreme self-control, discipline, unwavering confidence and calmness in the face of stress is what every leader needs to stay on top. This is what Western meditation can help you with.

The Western school of mind mastery has always been goal and success oriented. If you invest your time and effort in learning a new discipline, the returns should be worth it. Western mind mastery evolved in a way to maximize your abundance. It was obvious that the skills you acquire you will then want to implement to achieve your personal and business targets, as well as lead and inspire others.

An alarmingly high percentage of people admit that they are working below their own potential. Imagine what impact on your productivity and your business it would have, if you could think clearer, forget about procrastination and willpower failures, concentrate better in spite of any distractions, and have an irresistible personal power and charisma that would instantly make people recognise your value.

The truth is – you can be greater than you are. The key to your true strength is within your own mind. Let me show you how to make this power yours.

A Strong Mind Is All You Need Strong mind is all you need-2

“Leadership is influence. No more, no less.” – John C. Maxwell

The first step to successfully influence others is mastering yourself. True control over your life begins with controlling your thoughts. Meditation is your secret weapon to make this happen. Below is a list of only some of the benefits you can expect from your training:


  • Laser-sharp focus and brilliant performance, even in conditions where others are forced to quit
  • The powerful presence that enables to influence others and create the right impression
  • The ability to plan, think, act more efficiently
  • The ability to recover quickly after exhausting tasks and longs meetings
  • Clarity and presence of mind even in the most stressful of situations
  • Unstoppable energy to achieve your goals
  • A strong body that is comparable to a stress-proof fortress
  • Greater mind power and memory
  • Have an upper hand and a strong psychological advantage in competitive environments
  • A radiant, youthful and healthy appearance, that will become a magnet for other people
  • Learning how to clear your thoughts encourages inner peace and creativity
  • Freedom from the influence of others and increased confidence
  • Greater ability to relax and focus on ‘here and now’
  • Mental clarity and the feeling of true purpose and passion in life – so you can create a life story that will uplift you and inspire others


Practicing mind mastery through meditation means introducing real changes, taking control of your life and developing the mindset of a leader a warrior in spirit.

If pressures and disadvantages in the past made you feel out of control, now it is time to wipe off negativity from your life and transform your weaknesses into strengths.

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“I Tried Meditation Before, But I Couldn’t Make It Work. Am I Out Of The Game?” abc

If you’ve never been able to focus your mind to a point where you felt you were getting real transformational results, don’t get disheartened – in fact, those seeming ‘failures’ have nothing to do with your real abilities.

× Lack focus and the ability to concentrate for any significant length of time, simply due to the fact that they have no clear strategy, or formal training, in the art of concentration and breathing control.

Every skill we learn in life requires time and dedication and the skill to focus your attention is no different. Learning to control your mind is like learning to walk – if you stumble, just get back up again and carry on. We are here to show you how to practice with maximum efficiency.

× Get discouraged. We are trained to think in a logical way. The critical factor of Western attitude finds it difficult to ‘digest’ unfamiliar ways of teaching from faraway lands: text and vocabulary is typically heavy with unusual words, unknown deities and vague metaphysical concepts that can be not comfortable to work with. A rationally thinking person is often put off from even trying to learn, because of the common misconception that the practice would be followed by having to embrace bells, crystals, incenses and whatever else cringy ‘spiritual’ stuff is out there.

Our training is for those who are interested in strategies that work, based on a logical approach with scientifically proven results. You won’t have to embrace a new philosophy or force yourself to follow values that are not congruent with your goals.

×Require guidance from an experienced teacher who can ensure that students truly benefit from their practice. Self-education is surely helpful, but it takes time.

Your time is very valuable, so finding a teacher who will do this job for you is a perfect self-investment. Your progress will be faster and more inspiring if you enrol on a proper training.

Learning to harness the power of your mind through Western meditation techniques (that you can easily understand and intuitively follow) means that you can achieve your goals with less effort, less time and more effectiveness.


How Do I Know If Mental Mastery Training Right For Me? 0 How Do I Know If Mental Mastery Training Right For Me

If you want to master your mind, it means you have the spirit of a true leader within you. Wanting to learn meditation means that you are not content being locked within the accepted limits of ‘what is possible’, or being influenced by other people’s opinions.

You like to think for yourself and decide for yourself. You know that there is more to this life than what you’ve been told – and you are ready to discover what it is with an open mind!

The true winners are warriors at heart. The path of self-mastery is not an easy one; it requires determination and genuine desire to succeed. I won’t sugarcoat this: progress takes effort, discipline and regular practice. But the results are worth every minute you invest in your training.

Meditation is like a workout for your mind that enables you to reach out for more and expand your inner potential, so you can increase your effectiveness in everything you do.

This training is not for everyone.

Western meditation is a good fit for you if you are practical, goal oriented and passionate about life fulfilment, financial prosperity and personal influence. Forget crystals, statues and other new age fluff – you won’t find it here. Our techniques can challenge your current paradigm – but they are designed to produce real results. If you are keen to learn, harness your mind’s true potential and expand your horizons, you will find all the information and strategies you need on your quest for personal power and excellence.

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, and spend a lot of time with them; it will change your life.”

If you are truly dedicated to your mission and determined to succeed, take your first step right NOW and join us at a live training to experience all the benefits first hand.

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